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Beautiful, Bountiful and Blissful Women's Retreats presents "Sweet Surrender" Autumn Retreat

Sweet Surrender Autumn Retreat
October 24-27, 2019 
Myra Canyon Resort, Kelowna , BC

When have you gifted yourself dedicated time to:

  • reflect without distractions

  • be seen, heard and appreciated

  • explore your inner world

  • joyously expand your physical activity

  • enjoy exquisite conscious cuisine and healing specialties 

  • be held in a safe space to grow and heal

  • rediscover ease, laughter and connection with women

  • Or just RELAX a lot! Without guilt, shame or fear........???

If the stress, pressure, distractions and overwhelm of life has you dreaming of relief and retreat... 

NOW is the time!  You are worth it, you deserve this and YOU are invited!

Join Jennifer Steed and Katharina Kunz of Beautiful, Bountiful, Blissful Women's Retreats for the Autumn "Sweet Surrender" experience.

With a deep commitment to evolution and healing, both Jennifer and Katharina have been forged in the fire of challenge, trauma and change.  

With their combined talents in Yoga, Personal training, Thai massage, Swedish massage, Nutritional and Lifestyle coaching, Mindfulness, Meditation, Inner body rebuilding,Personal and Spiritual Development and much more... a wealth of knowledge and wisdom is available to you during this powerful retreat. 

You will be deeply nourished with delicious vibrant freshly prepared meals, teas, snacks and treats PLUS you will take home numerous recipes for continuing your healing journey. 

You will be lovingly guided through healing practises such as:

  • Hatha Restorative Yoga

  • Mindfulness Meditations

  • Womanly "Movement as Medicine" experiences

  • Conscious food preparation and special Hormone Balancing Elixir lessons

  • Sacred Ritual for "Sweet Surrender"

  • Mindful Safe Circles of Connection

You will also have time to relax and renew as the woman of Beauty, Bounty and Bliss that you truly are. 

Given the opportunity, space, support and encouragement to expand beyond the stress and tension of our roles, responsibilities and workload each of us has space then to breathe, soften, release and reconnect with our deepest sacred self.

Imagine this space....with fresh eyes and an open heart. 

See yourself there.

Know that everything can change and that healing of body, mind and spirit are available to you now. 

These events are truly life changing and can profoundly alter the way you enjoy yourself, your body, your inner being and thus your life going forward. 

What is your next step?

Save money and receive gifts!  How easy is that, you say?

Be in the first 8 women to register by August 30, 2019 to recieve the following bonuses:

  1. First choice of accommodations at Myra Canyon Ranch 

  2. Save $$$$ by ensuring your EARLY BIRD spot.

  3. Click

  4. Receive $200 in gifts from Jennifer and Katharina to support you going forward. 

Next steps with accommodations:

  1. Secure your lodging at the gorgeous Myra Canyon Ranch, directions below. Visit online this spectacular space we will share at 

We have simplified the process for you.  All room choices are the same price at our special negotiated rate of $101.82 per night per person @ 3 nights =   $305.46 with all pesky taxes IN!  There is a variety of king and queen beds all beautifully appointed most with breathtaking views and decks. As a final option, there are two single beds to fill at half the price.  Speak up if you wish this option. They are comfortable, situated in a common area, clean and perfect for a budget traveler. 

Click here to pay directly to the Paypal account using your credit card (no membership needed) and you'll recieve confirmation of your room from one of us.

All participants recieve these bonuses:

  1. a complimentary USB drive full of memorable, meaningful fabulous music from the retreat. 

  2. Access to Jennifer or Katharina for up to 30 days for a 20-30 minute private consultation

  3. Recipes and other insightful and useful wisdom for your journey. 

  4. Exclusive Facebook group for sisterhood, sharing and support. 

  5. Discounts on future Beautiful, Bountiful, Blissful Women's Retreat events including Peru October 2020. 

About Travel and Ground transfers:

Kelowna International airport (about 45 minutes drive from Myra Canyon) has regular flights with Air Canada , Westjet and other carriers. 

Ground transfers can be arranged with our personal staff at a reduced rate for pick and return to the airport. Please enquire directly with us if you need this service.