How we exercise has a direct impact on our posture. If an exercise is performed without first engaging the core, creating an erect spine and focusing on muscle isolation, then we are literally just "going through the motions". More significantly we are promoting bad posture. Muscles strengthened around the incorrect posture further reinforce slouching and inflexibility. This also has an impact on our skeletal system, range of motion and muscle function.

Desired results are achieved through focus, intention, and wisdom of the body. Commit to engage in a program designed to bring wellness to the body. When commitment is matched with knowledge, a communication line is opened between the mind and body. Some people may feel self-conscious and focus on being anywhere else but in their bodies. Others may get bored and watch the clock every three minutes, or plan what they want for lunch. Being creatures of habit, we can fall prey to routine. Often in exercise programs we become robotic. Going through the motions mindlessly does not allow for optimal results. When our mind gets sloppy, so does our form and, worst of all, we lose sight of our vision.

As a personal trainer for the last 2 decades I have seen and experienced the gamut of exercise programs, fads and trends.   And after many years of putting in “my time” at the gym, I realized getting great results wasn’t about the quantity of time I was at the gym, but rather the QUALITY.   And guess what?  When I had that epiphany 13 years ago and began my 20 minute workouts to get the BEST results of my life….I knew that I was onto something.  That’s when I created the No Excuse Workout Program…Fitness Anywhere, Anyplace, Anytime!  This is the foundation of the system I will share with you.

 Topics Include:

  •   Healthy Body Image
  •  Body Awareness Techniques
  • Posture and Alignment
  •  Dynamic functional movements
  •  Sensation – Freedom from Pain
  •  Techniques to create results 10 fold
  • Movements that lengthen and realign
  •  Strength training the affects lasting results from the inside – out.
  •  Your body….the metabolic machine for burning fat.
  • The Shavasana of Fitness

One-on-one personal training (1 hour) - $90 a session

Group fitness training 3-4 people (1 hour)  $180 a session