The Personal Evolution Program

Personal Evolution is a way of witnessing life through a continuous awareness of how we flow and interact with society and nature around us. It was birthed from the deep desire to experience youthfulness, joy, and connectedness as a way to harness energy and unleash joy as a driving force for life.  The program was created for people, perhaps like you, desiring a life of flow that inhabits thoughts, feelings, behaviours and actions that align with harmony, vitality, joy and passion.

The Personal Evolution Program is about creating your life by design… on purpose, with purpose.

This program integrates leading health industry training, cultural teaching and principles, science and research along with personal hands on experience and coaching.

Membership:  $27 a month 


1)Monthly lesson with topic of the month:

topics include:

  • Optimal Nutrition to enhance energy, mood and healthy weight

  • Emotional Detox

  • Exercise Principles and techniques to enhance your personal fitness program

  • Guided fitness program to do anywhere, anyplace, anytime in less than 25 mins.

  • Shifting from Emotional Eating to Emotional Empowerment

  • Setting Effective Intentions

  • Understanding how hormones play an important role in feeling fabulous, fit and feisty instead of frumpy, frazzled and fatigued.

2) Weekly movement video

-fitness – no excuse workout.   

exploring movement through dance, stretch, and flow techniques

3) Monthly Ritual to align the mind, body and spirit to create your life by design.

4) Q and A

5) Exclusive Access to Forum

6) Recipes

7) Library of Fitness Exercises Videos

8) On-line how to nutritional and lifestyle videos

Upgrade Membership  includes above AND:

  • Group Coaching – real time with Katharina once a month with handouts.

  • Exclusive access to a private Forum

  • Preferential Pricing to Programs

$47 a month

MORE Programs:


Ready, Set, Be F.I.T   

Live 1 day event:  $270

What is included:

  • Learn how to apply the principles of Ready, Set, Be Fit to:

  • Create a solid foundation from which to establish lasting health, vitality and longevity.


  • Primary food and bio-individuality in discovering a path to health and healing.

  • Defining wellness – Laying the foundation

  • The power of Reflection to fuel your vision of health


  • Matching Mind Set and Heart Set

  • Self Discipline Vs. Self Devotion

  • Awaken the power of Intention

Be F.I.T.

  • Posture and Alignment to maximize your results 10 fold.

  • Fueling your Body for Optimal Health and Ideal Weight (without counting calories!)

  • Elevate your emotional body to create JOY and fuel your intentions

PLUS: A personal exercise program WITH equipment that you can implement immediately.  
I will provide healthy food to create with you to fuel your body, tantalize your taste buds and ready to add to your repertoire of tasty healthy meals.

Ready, Set, Be Free


  • Live 1 day event ($270)

  • 3 months private health coaching ($2200)

  • Fitness program revision including personal training session ($125)

  • Kitchen revamp ($175)

  • 3 month free access to monthly Membership ($117)

Cost: $2500 Savings of $387

Ready, Set, Flow


  • Live 1 day event ($270)

  • 6 months private health coaching ($4000)

  • 2 Fitness program revisions including personal training sessions($375)

  • Kitchen revamp or Thai Massage ($175)

  • Personal ritual practice ($125)

  • 6 month free access to monthly Membership ($234)

Cost: $4500 Savings of $679